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Technology & Partners

We provide the technology. You provide success.

We have achieved top partnership status with leading software partners: Oracle, MySQL, Lucidworks, Incorta, Cloudera and etc, in order to offer our customers full and integrated software and hardware solutions, ranging from simple and low cost up to high-end enterprise solutions. 

Not only does this aid us to keep one step ahead with technology trends in a rapidly changing industry, but it also allows us to align our clients’ technology strategies more accurately.

Furthermore, these close partnerships allow us to achieve the best market pricing from these cooperation and roll the profits to our customers.



We are a key partner for Oracle in Israel, since 2004.

We have gained the best expertise and knowledge to lead your business to the right licensing agreement at a lower cost and with our expertise to get the best architecture and implementation solution.

Our huge experience in Database with all its options such as Diagnostic, Tuning, Advance security, Partitioning, Active DataGuard, Masking, Advanced Security, Key Vault and etc. enables us to excel in your business goals.


Oracle Cloud

For the last 4 years, we have grown up an Oracle Cloud’s certified expert team, that leads our clients to low-cost solutions with outstanding performance.

We gained our prowess to be your cloud expert in every aspect: Migration projects, Architecture, data, DR, performance, security etc.


VAD - Oracle/MySQL

Veracity is Oracle's VAD (Value Added Distributor) in Israel, and Gold Partner since 2006.

We specialize in working with ISV (Independent Software Vendors) who consider embedding Oracle technology in their solutions, and work with them hand by hand throughout the entire process – understanding and defining requirements and needs, designing and analyzing solutions, performing Proof of Concept and testing, accompanying all business process regarding becoming Oracle ISV/OEM partner, implementing technology or migrating between technologies, up until 24X7 maintenance and support to the customer worldwide.

We fully understand the challenges of being an ISV, the need to give immediate answers to big customers worldwide 24 hours a day – and we are committed to being a part of your winning team! 



We cooperate closely with MySQL since 2012.

An added value that we offer our clients by our partnership with MySQL is not only the best architecture and implementation solution but also cost-effectiveness and 24/7 availability.



We are a reseller of Lucidworks since 2018.

We have the best expertise that can assist you to adopt one of the advanced power search solution platforms in the world that brings together your users and data while receiving the most value possible from their information.

A highly scalable search engine and NoSQL datastore that gives you instant access to all your data.

Gartner announced Lucidwork as a Visionary in the Insight Engine market.



Our recently established partnership with Incorta - one of the best data analytics solutions enables your business user the ability to analyze complex, full-fidelity business data in real-time.

Incorta consolidates the most essential data and analytics functions into a single integrated solution for data acquisition, data storage, business semantics, scheduling, monitoring and alerting, data exploration and data visualization



We are a reseller of Cloudera since 2015. Deliver an enterprise data cloud that provides cloud-native services to manage and secure the entire data lifecycle from ingest to experimentation, from the Edge to AI, in any cloud or data center.



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