Technology & Partners

Technology & Partners

We provide the technology. You provide success.

Veracity cooperates closely with its software partners: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft, Cloudera, RobinSystems and Pentaho in order to offer our customers full and integrated software and hardware solutions, including all layers:

Data store solutions, database, ETL, analytical BI, visualization tools, management and performance tools - ranging from simple and low cost solutions up to high-end solutions.


Our experts bring proven technological experience combined with the state-of-the-art technologies. The never ending technological developments in the database, Big data Data and BI areas enforce encourageus in Veracity to invest in our technological staff and maintain close relationships with the vendors so we can always be the "Cutting Edge". 


World Renown Technology

Veracity is Oracle's VAD (Value Added Distributor) in Israel and Gold Partner for the past 10 years close to a decade– for both Software and Hardware.

As VAD, Veracity mainly specializes in working with ISV (Independent Software Vendors) who consider embedding Oracle technology in their solutions, and work with them hand by hand throughout the entire process – understanding and defining requirements and needs, designing and analyzing solutions, performing Proof of Concept and testing, accompanying all business process regarding becoming Oracle ISV/OEM partner, implementing technology or migrating between technologies, up until 24X7 maintenance and support to the customer worldwide.

We at Veracity fully understand the challenges of being an ISV, the excitement and thrill of moving fast forward in the race to create a significant value and valid trustworthy solutions, the need to give immediate answers to big customers worldwide 24 hours a day – and we are committed to be a part of your winning team!

As VAD, Veracity also cooperates with different resellers, offering them our technical expertise as focal point for Oracle support. 





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